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The you kit

The you kit
The you kit
The you kit
The you kit
The you kit
94 €129 €

Meet our Valentine's Day kit that has everything you need to get a summer-kissed complexion. Tanrevel ONE is a pocket-sized spray tan, unique of its kind for those who want to enjoy a sun-kissed look all year round. Convenient and easy to use, this is a must-have to keep you sun-kissed and fresh.

  • Even, natural color that lasts up to 5 days.
  • Effortless application in 2 minutes.
  • Light texture that leaves a pleasant scent.
  • Nourishing ingredients for a beautiful glow.

Kit includes:

✔︎ Tanrevel ONE Spray Tan Machine - The travel-friendly spray tan machine is the perfect choice when you're on the go. (Value 799 kr)

✔︎ Original Refill (60 ml) - (Value 299 kr)

✔︎ Golden Brown Tanning Mousse suitable for all skin tones - (Value 375 kr)

✔︎ Tanning mitt - (Value 75 kr)"